Lomi Kitchen Composter


Introducing LOMI, your composts new best friend. If you live somewhere that isn't compost friendly, Lomi is for you.

Simply set up your lomi in a convenient location and enjoy mess free compost and a HUGE reduction in your carbon footprint and organic waste. Lomi can even compost certain home compostable bioplastics! 

  • Lomi turns your food waste into plant food in Less than 4 hours.
  • The only carbon negative appliance in your home.
  • Carefully designed for any kitchen space

SHIPPING TIMES MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION AND STOCK! (we promise we ship as lightning quick as our little business can!) 


Not only is Lomi helpful in keeping insects, rodents and gross smells out of your home, it is one of the easiest things you can do for climate change.

When organic waste (i.e. food) goes to landfills, this is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Whether that’s a lack of space, or cold weather, it’s just not easy for people to compost on their own. Lomi is a solution that works for everyone.


Put all of your food scraps, coffee grounds, and even your old Pela case into Lomi.


Push the button and Lomi works its magic to breakdown your waste.


The dirt Lomi makes can go into your indoor plants, your garden, or your green bin depending on the mode you select.


1. Quick Clean-Up: Just scrape your plates directly into Lomi.
Compact & Efficient Design: Turn food waste into dirt in as little as 4 hours.
3. Odour Neutralized: Garbage cans are full of old food decomposing at room temperature. You'll never smell garbage again.
4. Reduce your Carbon Footprint: Reduce your weekly garbage by up to 80%.
5. Create a Waste-Free Future: Lomi produces nutrient-rich dirt which you can use for your garden or houseplants.
6. Each Lomi includes a starter kit of LomiPods and Lomi Charcoal Filters

Designed in Canada

• Dimensions: 16.3″ x 20.1″ x 15.2″ (41.4 x 51.1 x 38.6 cm)
• Weight: 26 lb (11.8 kg)

Climate Conscious Shipping

No one likes paying for shipping so we're making you feel a little bit better about it by contributing a portion of every shipping fee to our friends at The Ocean Cleanup who are helping us resolve our planet's plastic crisis by pulling tons of plastic out of our oceans and waterways.  Until we all become more plastic-free, we need heroes like The Ocean Cleanup to clean it up for us.  So know that when you're paying for shipping you're helping to rid our oceans of harmful plastic waste.

We offer FREE shipping on all orders over $75.  Otherwise, we charge a flat rate of $7.50 with a portion going to The Ocean Cleanup.  We ship throughout the United States using USPS Priority Mail, which means it should get to you in just a few days.

We use compostable and/or recyclable materials to ship products.  These include compostable paper tape, reused cardboard boxes, and compostable packing peanuts. 

We also offer local pickup at our Geneva, New York retail store.  Just choose Pick Up when checking out and we will get your order ready for you! 

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