Since I was a child I have always loved the Finger Lakes region in New York. Endless summer days were spent splashing in the lakes, and winters were full of sledding parties and snowy fun. Growing up surrounded by such natural beauty, my parents instilled in us a deep respect and love for taking care of the land where we live. 

I started working at my cousin's health food store and when she retired years later I knew Geneva needed something similar to continue but there was one thing I didn't love about most shops I found. PLASTIC. As I looked around at my beloved health food stores I couldn't help but notice the shelves crammed with single-use plastic. Plastic which was piling up just miles from our beautiful lakes in a landfill. 

My husband and I decided there had to be a better way and started investigating all things plastic-free. The more solutions we found, the more excited we became to share plastic-free options with everyone. After a year of planning, saving, and help from our wonderful community, Marilla’s Mindful Supplies was born!  Our shop is a place where anyone can walk in and make a simple plastic-free swap in whatever way makes sense for their lifestyle! Despite being small, we passionately believe that everyone can make a difference and small changes make a big difference. 

Here at the shop we celebrate progress. Every baby step and plastic product replaced with a low waste or zero waste alternative is something to cheer! We welcome the folks who have kicked plastic to the curb entirely, as well as that someone who just picked up their first reusable straw! Your choices matter, you are able to help, and EVERYONE can be a part of the solution when it comes to using less plastic! 

Wherever you are on the planet, our hope is that Marilla’s is a place to build each other up, learn new tips and tricks, inspire, and offer sustainable solutions for anyone willing to take care of their beautiful corner of the world.

You can always find us at, at our storefront in Geneva NY, or on social media! Just look for Marillas Mindful Supplies! 

If there is anything you want us to stock for you, please let us know!  I read every email that comes to