Good morning! I was sitting here thinking about what to post and looking through our Instagram for some inspiration when I came to a full stop and realized once again how grateful and humbled and blessed we are.

This week has been HEAVY. We’ve had so much happening. Very busy schedules, stressful family medical mysteries, prepping for a funeral of someone dear, and some other unpleasant surprises.

But do you know what’s helped get us through this week? YOU GUYS. And you always have.

I’ve been reflecting on how The Waste Not Shop came to be this week.

Two baby-faced twenty-somethings decided they could do it. 💪 We had no money, we had no idea what was ahead, all we knew is that we wanted to make a place like this exist in Geneva. 

YOU FOLKS SHOWED UP. Our customers, family and friends cheered us on and helped every step of the way while we navigated obstacles and set backs, raised money, etc. I’ll never forget the JOY at our grand opening. I couldn’t talk to any of you because I had lost my voice completely, but the shop was full
of excitement, singing, and fun. it was one of the best days of my life.

A matter of MONTHS later the world stopped when a global pandemic hit. There was so much trepidation. So much was unpredictable. We stopped offering self serve, we started packing orders. We talked seriously about what would happen if we had to close. Weeks went by and…

YOU FOLKS SHOWED UP. I have a notebook, full of lists. Lists and lists of items, from people who CARED about us surviving. People who knew that a small business in it’s first few months needed them. Now I look at those pages of lists and while they are simply “oats, raisins, coffee, etc. To me they are a symbol of the shops lifeline. I might just frame them. We would never have made it without those scribbled lists symbolizing all the love and support we received. (Shopping small is real, people)

Despite all the scary situations and potential threats to our existence, we are here today, open for business, and we even got to hire ONE employee! A goal we had from the start!! We’re still tiny, we aren’t rolling in dough, but we are HERE. And that’s largely because of our amazing customers. The #wastenotwarriors.

Because of you guys, we have a space to earn a living, learn about sustainability, be a part of a town we love dearly, connect with SO many, and have after hours dance party’s with my favorites. 

All this to say thank you. For the millionth time. Thank you for making my happy place a reality. Happy Saturday.

Love, Marilla ❤

June 21, 2021 — Marilla Gonzalez

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