Hello, and Happy New Year! 
Normally this is the moment where most brands talk about “NEW YEAR NEW ME”! They talk about how we’re in a new year, we’re new people, and that’s why you should buy all these new things to kick start new habits. But FRANKLY we’re a few days into the new year and that’s not resonating with me. Do I have goals? Yes. Do I want to try new things? Sure! Do I want to challenge myself to be my best self, of COURSE. But what I want to do the most right now is reflect on all that we have accomplished with each other by steady encouragement and intentionally putting one foot in front of the other. 
I used to think about the phrase “NEW YEAR NEW ME” in a future tense, (as in, this year I WILL be different because I will change all these things about myself and start new habits etc.) but this year I’m beginning to understand it in the present tense. It’s already a new year, and I’m already a new me because I’m tackling this coming year equipped with more wisdom, experience, and knowledge than I had the year before. That goes for all of us. 
In a sense, my New Year resolution is to celebrate the JOURNEY of last year. Celebrate the lessons learned, the new people I met, the connections that changed me, the challenges that made me stronger.
So I SUPPOSE this is a “NEW YEAR NEW ME” email after all but I hope for different reasons. I’m not going to pitch you any NEW products, I’m going to show you what our best sellers were last year. The products that worked for us as a community and the habits that caught on and made us the “new people” we are headed into 2024. The products that made us more mindful, less wasteful, and protected our peace and the planet. 🌎
Thanks for the lessons, the experiences, the laughs, the tears, and everything in between. I can’t wait to do it again this year. Cheers to another year and all of you making it possible!
January 16, 2024 — Marilla Gonzalez

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