We've all been there. We want to buy things that make sense for the planet....but what if they don't make sense for our wallet? With prices rising across the country, this is a fair question! 🕵🏻‍♀️When I opened Marilla's I had two goals: 1. Make it a place where you could find practical plastic free alternatives. 2. Make it a place that anyone could shop no matter their income. 💙💪Of course we have trendy (occasionally pricier) items to buy if you have the means, but for every trendy option we ALSO provide a sensible economical swap OR suggestion. 

For example: We carry beautiful stainless steel tiffins for picnics and packed lunches, but if that isn't in your budget, you can benefit the climate in the same way by bringing lunch in any old tupperware you have lying around! Climate Friendly doesn't always mean new, trendy, or expensive! In addition to providing affordable options and suggestions, we also take a frugal approach to the companies we feature. We LOVE working with practical woman owned businesses (like Carley at @zefirowaste and the team at @mamasudsllc ) who are passionate about making eco alternatives make sense for families on a budget. This teamwork results in competitive prices for things like bamboo toothbrushes (ours are $3.25 vs 3.99 on grocery store shelves) and Laundry Soap (32¢ per oz vs 61¢/oz) 
Another one of my favorite places to find big savings at Marilla's is the DRY GOODS section. Customers are consistently impressed when a bag of bay leaves only costs 25 cents, 🍃 or multiple refilled spice jars add up to less than $5.00. 😍 Those are the moments we love. Keeping containers out of the landfill AND saving our community money while we're at it. While we can't always BEAT the big box store prices, we are ALWAYS mindful of keeping our prices as reasonable as possible. That way we can keep OUR doors open, and YOU can fit our planet friendly products into your budget.

May 19, 2023 — Marilla Gonzalez

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